Bone Density

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am losing bone density in my right foot.

I have been undergoing extensive medical problems this year due to a surgery I had in last June. I have had so many complications and problems since the surgery: blood clot, and fracturing my bone graph in my heel.

I have spent at least 5 months of this year on crutches and am approaching my 6 month on them. To say I'm frustrated in my current health condition is an understatement.

I'm now under orders to walk on my foot to try to build up the bone density in my heel, even though it is still fractured. I go back on the 30th to find out if I've re-fractured it by walking on it. It's been a long tough road. Some of my students told me during finals they couldn't believe all that I've been through this year and that I have the worst luck or something along those lines. I told them I'm just building up my Karma. I'm either going to meet my husband in 2010 or win the lotto (of course meeting the man I hope to marry is just like winning the lotto but millions of dollars couldn't hurt). Plus I have LOTS of new organizations to donate to...Endometriosis society, Blood Clot research.....