Wii Fit

I'm getting back on the horse. It's Spring Break and I've canceled the surgery I had planned because my heel fracture is non-union. I'm going to have to have my heel fixed in June and I have to be 100% before I go under the knife again. I'll talk more about what they are going to do on my Saturday post.

So about the horse, I started working out again. I can't do much but did find out that I can do some of the yoga and strength training modes on the Wii Fit. Most of the balance games that have you rock back and forth hurt too much but with the strength and yoga, you are just standing there and while it's not comfortable, it's not painful.

I'm hoping to get at least some of the muscle rebuilt in my leg before I have to lose it again. I'm also praying for a miracle from God. That HE will heal my foot so I don't have to have this surgery and maybe go to Junction this summer. Regardless, I'm not having my left foot done until I've graduated from Grad School.