Back at the desk...just wish it was a standing desk

Back Surgery...when you can't bend over for 3+ months.
2017...well here I am 3 years later and oh so much wiser.

In the past 3 years, I have switched school districts, then left teaching to pursue in-vetro fertilization (IVF), then found out I herniated my L4/L5 and did surgery, not once but twice, and now I'm left with unexplained chronic buttock and hip pain (which is way worse than the actual herniation was).

In fact, since May 2016 my life has become what I like to call "the new normal." I've been in survival mode with the good days slightly outweighing the bad. Slightly. I think. Friends and family have told me they marvel at my strength, my will to not give up, the amazing fact that I'm not depressed, and that I should write a book. Well. Maybe. First, I thought I would get back in the blog habit, then if I can really get into my writing again...and there seems to be a place for my advice and thoughts about dealing with the shit storms of life, then yes, I will write that book.

I want to make it clear that I don't have all the answers and what worked for me may not work for you or your crazy aunt that had her hip replaced. I am also by no means done with my journey of getting rid of my chronic pain but I'm still hopeful (ask me again in 2019, I told The Hubbs that I'm fully allowed to be 100% despondent then).