About Me

I'm from the great state of Texas, located in the greater Houston Metropolitan Area. 
In my first life, I was a graphic designer.  I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University. I worked for a local newspaper designing ads.  Unfortunately, I was not earning a living wage so I turned to teaching.
I taught art, sculpture, and ceramics at the high school level.  I have always loved art, which was why I became a graphic designer and being able to teach others my passion was fantastic. I loved it so much I got my Masters of Art Education from Texas Tech University.

I initially left teaching to try to have a family with my husband. My lifetime of severe endometriosis (classified as level 4) had been preventing us from conceiving.

IVF was going to take too much time away from the classroom with extensive doctor visits and medical procedures. 

During my IVF sessions, I had back surgery that forever changed my life.  I was left with a condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis which leaves me unable to teach anymore due to chronic, intractable pain or to have children.

Feel free to check out my health story if you want to know more.

I have an amazing support system.  My husband has been my rock.  My parents have pitched in with doctor's visits and trips to physical therapy.  My in-laws gave me their wonderful snuggly golden retriever, RIP Tiger.

I am managing the pain as best as I can. I can't have children I so wanted and am learning to deal with that every day.

I haven't picked art back up because the events and disappointment are still too fresh to express.  One Day.  Maybe.

I am happy to have started my blog in 2018 to share with others the remarkable journey I have had in learning to live with and deal with the pain of adhesive arachnoiditis.

Hobbies that I have perfected while I have been rehabilitating my physical body are sewing and textile design.  I love the internet and the ability to work from home for myself while I'm hooked up to my IFC/TENS unit.  Walking back and forth between my ironing board and the sewing machine keeps me active and the pain down.

In 2019, I'm happy to note that I'm starting a health podcast with a good friend and another chronic warrior, Rebekah Svensson (Awkward Yet Healthy).

If you are interested in design work please contact me.