Blood Clots and Birth Control

These past 7 months I have been battling the 'fallout' from having a blood clot in my right leg from my surgery.

I will continue to update with my smart health posts just to get a list of all the comprehensive knowledge I have gained.

1. If you are a women and you are going to have a surgery where you will be non-weight baring for a period of a month or longer, stop your birth control. Inform your Ob/Gyn what you are having done and seek alternative methods of pregnancy prevention if necessary.

2. If you get a blood clot, you will most likely get another one in the future. This is a hard statement to make and none of my doctors would confirm this, until I saw my endometriosis specialist who is internationally renowned, said I will most likely get another blood clot in the future.

3. If you don't like your hematologist, shop around and get a new one. I thought that my hematologist was a little extreme, well I had that confirmed since she wouldn't sign off on the surgery I'm going to have spring break.

4. If you have any surgeries for the rest of your life you have to get special permission from a hematologist to do it.

5. If you are a women you must find a high risk Ob/Gyn if you are planning on having children. Fun! I haven't done this one yet, but will need to get on it soon.

6. If you are a women you cannot take birth control for the rest of your life. Which isn't a big deal for most women, however, since I have severe endometriosis, it's a BIG problem for me.

So what do I have planned for the next year. I'm having a Laproscopy done in March with a possible Laprotomy done when Summer I of grad school is over. We shall see and I won't know until the March surgery. Hopefully it will go well and I will keep health updates going.