Procreate Muse

So I’ve been learning Procreate since the summer.

I haven’t drawn in years. YEARS.

I realized how out of practice I was when I “tried” to teach an Outschool class on sunflower painting. My painting was so horrible. I can’t even. 

Where did my muse come from? Oddly from D&D. 

#leohusband and I got invited to a family D&D game, and to prepare I started watching Critical Role.

Not only did I fall in love with the game, the story, and the characters, I fell in love with the fan art. 

For the first time in years since my medical challenges started, I wanted to draw. 

I had bought Procreate and hadn’t learned to use it. I looked up tutorials and I started. This is the first drawing I’ve done on my own without a tutorial. 

This is my D&D character, Zera. There’s room for improvement but I’m oddly proud of it. I'm still learning so look for some posts to come soon.

I have been drawing while waiting to go under for my stem cell procedures. It's been nice to have time to practice my drawing while waiting in an uncomfortable situation.

Happy Read in the Bathtub Day!

I can't even begin to tell you how much a good bath can help. Whether it is mental sanity or pain relief, it sure makes a tough day better.

A few years ago, my neuroinflammation was so high I soaked in an Epsom salt ice bath every night for a year! It was severe, and my #longtimebff used to compare me to an Olympic athlete. 

Now I can soak in a warm Epsom salt bath, and it does help my muscles at least. It's a give and take. The cold helps my Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and the warmth helps my Ehlers-Danlos. Ugh, dammed if I do, dammed if I don't. LOL!

When I saw it was Read in the Bathtub Day, I got giddy. Covid has given me next to zero alone time, but I think I can scrape some alone time out tonight to finish a chapter in my current read, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.

It is a fascinating look into how money works in our lives. When I'm done, I'm definitely putting my favorite quote to the calligraphy pen, especially since I'm being very budget-conscious in 2021.

What is on your nightstand right now? I'm always looking for a new good read!

I finished the Amelia Peabody series in 2020 and need a good new series to get hooked into!

Using Art to Cope

I'm thrilled to announce that I am offering art classes for adults. In the last five years, I have missed teaching art and I am happy to have found my way back to my passion, 

I came to this amazing decision after so many requests from the children of the parents I was teaching online at Outschool. So here we are! In the next few weeks, this blog will be making a transformation. I will still be covering chronic pain advice but through the lens of art, craft, and hobbies.

This amazing, and oftentimes, frustrating journey I have been on has shown me that art in any form helped me cope with my chronic pain. 

I want others to have the chance to see what art can do for them, whether it is physical, spiritual, or mental healing.

I am putting packages together for live in-person adult lessons via zoom. Nothing beats in person!

The major companies, skillshare, craftsy, etc., have you learn from pre-recorded videos. This atmosphere limits your ability to get instant feedback or have the instructor switch to a different way to teach if you aren't getting it.

Live lessons ensure that you are getting the instruction you need, instant help, and small positive group feedback helps you connect and learn with others that share your passion.

The first classes I will be offering will be Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering!

Check back soon for updates for class times and sign up!