Pre-Surgery Checklist

I've been blogging about my progress of my foot surgery (or maybe I've complained about it). I can actually see my foot right now. The first time in 8 weeks.

For anyone thinking about participating in any major surgery where they are reconstructing bone or tendons or whatever. I suggest you get a loyal family member to help take care of you. I don't know what I would have done without my parents. On orders from my doctor I was not allowed to stand on my right foot at all for 8 weeks. Which means, I can't do the simplest of tasks like getting a glass of water, fixing myself food, or even taking a shower. I'm on crutches.

What about a wheelchair you ask? Most modern American homes do not have doorways that accommodate wheelchairs (of course we found out that one the hard way). If you are getting ready to experience a major surgery event where you will be disabled for a long period of time do your research and get your supplies ready early.
1. Get a shower chair (Wal-Mart $38.00)
2. Get a safety rail for your tub (Home Depot $30.00)
3. Get an elevated potty seat (Wal-Mart $22.00)
4. Check your doorways to see if they accommodate a wheel chair and remove doors from hinges to get through. (We even had to remove the doors to accommodate crutches because the doorways to my bathroom are 23" and were too small)
5. Get clothing with pockets (that is the only way you can carry stuff if on crutches)