Flu Shot and the Flu

This week I did my usual preventative flu shot. The district I work in requires that all teachers get one so they have a shot clinic at the school for $20.00 a pop. I called my parents and they came out for it as well since the price was much cheaper than anywhere else around.

The flu shot is a micro dose of the actual flu. If you are already healthy, you will not be affected. However, if you have had your foot re-arranged surgically, your tendons spliced, and a blood clot in your leg...you may not be as "healthy" as you should be when you get the shot.

Yes dear readers, that's right, the flu shot gave me the flu. I started getting sick during 6th period Thursday and it got worse. Friday was a blur and I'm not sure how I made it though teaching but I was a trooper, plus my students this year are awesome so that helps. Now it's Saturday and I've taken so much Vitamin C I think my skin is glowing green but my throat has gone from swallowing acid feeling to scratchy so I must be on the mend. Hopefully, I can get over this in time for Open House Monday.