Procreate Muse

So I’ve been learning Procreate since the summer.

I haven’t drawn in years. YEARS.

I realized how out of practice I was when I “tried” to teach an Outschool class on sunflower painting. My painting was so horrible. I can’t even. 

Where did my muse come from? Oddly from D&D. 

#leohusband and I got invited to a family D&D game, and to prepare I started watching Critical Role.

Not only did I fall in love with the game, the story, and the characters, I fell in love with the fan art. 

For the first time in years since my medical challenges started, I wanted to draw. 

I had bought Procreate and hadn’t learned to use it. I looked up tutorials and I started. This is the first drawing I’ve done on my own without a tutorial. 

This is my D&D character, Zera. There’s room for improvement but I’m oddly proud of it. I'm still learning so look for some posts to come soon.

I have been drawing while waiting to go under for my stem cell procedures. It's been nice to have time to practice my drawing while waiting in an uncomfortable situation.