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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

60+ Different Words that Mean Sugar

Last week I gave tips on cleaning and organizing your pantry.

I discussed that if you really want to commit to decreasing decision fatigue and staying on your diet, clean out the pantry and replace bad items with good ones.

In order to know the bad you really have to identify what is considered sugar and at over 60 names for the hidden monstrosity you could go nuts.

Most people think that sugar is mainly found in desserts, cookies, pies, and cakes, but it's also found in many savory foods, such as bread and pasta sauce.

Foods promoted as "natural" or "healthy" are laden with sugars. Just because it's gluten free doesn't mean it's healthy.

Food manufactures fool the general public by take out fat from food, which ironically your body needs certain fats, and replace them with sugar or the cheaper alternative high frutose corn syrup.

In fact, 74% of packaged foods sold in supermarkets has added sugar. So, even if you skip dessert, you are consuming sugar, and most likely more than your body can handle.

There are at least 61 different names for sugar listed on food labels. These include common names, such as sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup, as well as barley malt, dextrose, maltose and rice syrup, among others.

61 Names for Sugar

Agave nectar
Barbados sugar
Barley malt
Barley malt syrup
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Cane juice
Cane juice crystals
Cane sugar
Carob syrup
Castor sugar
Coconut palm sugar
Coconut sugar
Confectioner's sugar
Corn sweetener
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Date sugar
Dehydrated cane juice
Demerara sugar
Evaporated cane juice
Free-flowing brown sugars
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Grape sugar
HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup)
Icing sugar
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Palm sugar
Powdered sugar
Raw sugar
Refiner's syrup
Rice syrup
Sorghum Syrup
Sugar (granulated)
Sweet Sorghum
Yellow sugar

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