Level Naturals Soak and Scrub Box Review

Treat yo Self Thursday coming at you with a quick review of the Level Naturals Soak and Scrub Box. I bought this box with my own money and did not receive anything to make this review.

I was looking for a pick me up that did not involve food or anything over $30.00.

I'm actually trying to stay on a budget this year.  #leohusband and I worked out that I get $50 a month for personal expenses. Wheather that is fabric, pedicures, clothing purchases, or a night out with the girls. It has to fall into my $50 budget.

I have actually saved up quite a bit so I decided to splurge on some bath products I found on Thrive Market's Website.

Thrive Market

I found the Levels Bath Bombs first and was intrigued because I have frankly never used a bath bomb ever. My bath experience involves lowering my body into freezing cold ice water and epsom salt, enduring the bitter cold for 20 minutes and then getting out.

My first thought was, why not smell good when I do it, and second, gee I hope these don't set off another round of dermatitis. I've got enough on my damn plate without itching everywhere.

Dermatitis is a symptom of Arachnoiditis and one of the more annoying ones.

After checking out the different scents, I wondered if there was a variety pack and yes there was.

The Level Naturals Soak and Scrub Box had shower tablets, a coffee scrub, and 6 different smelling bath bombs to try.

I was already interested in trying a sugar scrub so two birds one stone!

All of their products have coconut oil which I like but they do have fragrance which I'm less than thrilled with. Fragrance is a lovely word companies like to hide behind to put in less than favorable ingredients.

The sugar scrub left my skin silky smooth and itch-free....the bath bomb, not so much.  I was reaching for my cortisone cream about 30 minutes after my bath.  I'm hoping that it was maybe the scent combinations and am going to try a second bath just to make sure.

The lavender shower bomb is a must on stressful days.  It reminds me of the old Vicks tablets you could put in your shower when you were sick.  I wonder if they still make those?