February 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

February 2018 Bullet Journal Layout is finally completed.  

Here it is! This month I didn’t really want to use a red, pink or violet for February. I wanted to be a little bit different, so I chose turquoise for the monthly color.  Last year, I was using several colors from my Tombow brush pen collection, per month and this time I just needed to make it easier to keep up with so I'm doing one color + black.

I'm sticking with the idea of "Simplicity" in 2018 so my trackers are still in a grid format.  I may go back to a round mandala if I can figure out a way to make it minimalist and visually engaging using just one color and 1 - 2 neutrals.

In my bullet journal weekly spread, I did switch up some of the layouts mainly because I totally messed up the first page.  It was a genius mess up though, because I loved it and copied it on the rest of the bujo weekly spreads.  I can't believe I haven't been doing it this way all the time!!

So in my mess up I accidentally made 8 daily boxes leaving no room for my large square 'notes' box. I had to make a full column for notes and used that 8th box for next week.  Which is great for me because it seems I need help looking forward to future tasks. Who doesn't right?

My self care list is short this month as I have lots of opportunities to hang out with friends, and it's Valentines.

This is the year my husband gets to plan our adventure.  We switch off every year.  I feel I'm going to get lots of fun and pampering in February.

For my personal care tracker, I did a terrible job with my PM routine and face care in January, so I'm hoping to do better in February.


I did some doodling and shading this month on my main bullet journal tracker spread.  I guess I was channeling my inner art teacher while watching TV. Look at that stippling!

Below is my end of January: Sleep, Pain, and Activity Tracker so you can get a feel for how it looks before and after I complete it at the end of the month.

I did an awesome job keeping up with my meditation and yoga once I started The Miracle Morning. I even whited out a tracker (I can't even remember what it was now...therefore it was not important) and put in a Miracle Morning Tracker.

Lastly, I wanted to keep my Miracle Morning Affirmations in my bujo.

This is to keep my morning and evening streamlined.  I only have to grab my book and my journal and I'm ready to go. Again, trying to adhere to my Simplicity mindset. I wrote them down at the end of the month, before the monthly wrap up page.