15 Exercises You Should Never Do

Today I was sitting here contemplating life while crawling off the couch (I'm on day three of no coffee) to do my physical therapy exercises for my left shoulder.

In case you are just going me, let me catch you up. At the end of April, I severely hurt my left shoulder in yoga. It took me much too long to get into my orthopedic and by then, I had chronic throbbing pain.

So my diagnosis was shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis, and bursitis. It also took me much too long to get a steroid shot. Damn summer vacation and the doctor's taking off work.

Apparently, summer is not the time to hurt yourself!
So my PT is going ok...but I felt it could be better. I'm just not progressing fast enough or maybe I'm just so tired of being in pain. I'm on week 4 of my PT and my awesome Physical Therapist is on a much-needed vacation. I realize the irony here of saying he needs a vacation and my doctor's do not but - my doctor has literally taken off 6 weeks this summer - 6!

So I went to my favorite YouTuber's Bob and Brad the PT Guys as I like to call them. While I initially went there to see their shoulder impingement video, I found this gem.

15 Exercises You Should Never Do


I have done almost all of these - flashbacks to my high school Colorguard days where we warmed up with windmill's every day. Ours looked prettier than the PT Guys but still! I'm seriously not questioning why I have joint pain now...of course if I actually do have Elhers-Danlos then that just makes it worse.

Definitely check out their YouTube Channel - it's amazing and has helped this chronic pain girl out on more than one occasion.