5 Supplements to try for Chronic Pain

I'm really into supplements for my chronic pain. Before I even met with my functional medicine doctor I was already on a supplement protocol that I had pieced together for myself from different resources.

In January of 2017, I still was undiagnosed, I didn't know what was wrong only that my second back surgery had made my life into a living hell.

Thinking I just needed some massive rehab and that my current program, doctor, and physical therapy wasn't working. I set out to educate myself with as much information about pain and what helps it. I looked for new doctors and consulted the ones I trusted.

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Supplements for Chronic Pain

In my education search, I came upon two great books.
Ending Fibromyalgia & Auto-Immune Disease: A Comprehensive Holistic Protocol by Tony Xhudo MS HN

Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Mari Skelly and Helen Walker.

I read one and my mother read the other and we compared notes. I talk about these books in this post here and I highly suggest reading that one too because right now I'm going to talk about supplements.

1. The first thing I tried was Bovine Colostrum.

This is the brand I take and I take two every morning as soon as I get up:

2. Then I took Proteolytic Enzymes.

Both of these supplements help with inflammation, muscle and tissue recovery, blood circulation, immune response, leaky gut, and reduce pain.

3. Tumeric
I also started taking 6000mg of turmeric a day, which I built up to slowly over a period of 8 weeks.

Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory similar to an NSAID but without the side effects to your stomach or liver.

4. and 5. Vegetable Blend and Fruit Blend Juice Plus

My podcast cohort, Rebekah Svensson aka Awkward Yet Healthy, got me into Juice Plus around this same time period. Juice Plus is actually not a supplement, it's food. It's a serving of organic fruits and veggies in a capsule form. I will be the first to admit how hard it is to get all of your daily intake of vegetables. Even with a vegetable at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I still can't get 5 servings a day of vegetables.

Juice Plus takes care of that. It's eating an extra dose of veggies. I will say that while it does not specifically help with chronic pain, it helps me be healthier, boosts my immune system and energy, which allows me to deal with chronic pain better.

I started off with the Green and Red Blend. If you are interested in Juice Plus send me a DM and I will get you started.
Next week I'm going to talk about my diagnosis with Adhesive Arachnoiditis and the supplements prescribed by my functional medicine doctor.