3 Household Items to Substitute for Yoga Props

Let's say that you’re interested in trying out yoga. If you’re like most of my friends you’ve never been to yoga class, ever.

If you are a chronic pain and illness patient the likelihood of you going to a class, or spending the money for a private lesson, probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

However, there is a wealth of information out there on the web, on YouTube, there’s even yoga apps. Most Apps are good if you are a ‘norm’ but if you’re like me and have chronic pain, they are way too advanced.

I'll touch on how to modify yoga poses in another post in the future, look for it.

For now, let’s say you want to get started at home. I chose Iyengar yoga for a reason. They use props to modify the traditional yoga poses to help you achieve the pose without hurting yourself.

You can find several beginner or gentle Iyengar classes on YouTube.
I have hyper-mobility in conjunction with my Adhesive
Arachnoiditis. Yoga blocks help me from hyper-extending. 

Yoga props are expensive though.

I did end up investing because after a month of yoga I realized that this was going to really help my pain.

I picked mine up at TJ Maxx at the end of the year clearance sale.

Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Khol's, Target, and Amazon have an abundance of yoga props when you feel you are ready to commit.

January is when workout items get placed in these stores because of the New Year Resolutions and Goals people want to achieve. 

Around March and April these items go on clearance.  That's a great time to pick yoga props, clothes, and other workout related items.

Until then, try these 3 Household Items to Substitute in for Yoga Props.

1. Yoga Blocks

The Clorox or Lysol wipes container is a great match for the tallest part of the block.

Any household canned good is perfect for the shortest.

For the medium side, I found this Trader Joe's English Toffee Can.  However, it's also the height of a 30 oz Miracle Whip Jar.

2. Yoga Strap

A belt.

Seriously that's all you'll need to start with.

If you progress further and want to invest, this is the first thing I would buy.

There is a whole new world that opens up when you get belts. You can link them together and use them in your house similar to the yoga trapeze ads that you see on Facebook constantly.

3. Yoga Bolster

About 4 to 6 Beach towels folded into 4ths will get you a height similar to a yoga bolster. Just alternate each folded end.

Yoga bolsters are a serious financial commitment. I didn’t buy my yoga bolster until I was four months into my yoga training.

The cheapest one that I found was on Amazon. I think Amazon has some good deals, you just need to shop around to find the best ones.

I bought one that was on the low end of moderate pricing and I'd say that it's OK, not great, but OK.

You do get what you pay for.

I’m sure later down the road I will probably invest in a higher quality one, but the one I have now is fine and it suits my home practice purposes.

I hope this helps anyone considering doing yoga at home. These 3 household items to substitute for yoga props, really will give you what you need to get started on your home practice.