Never Underestimate The Influence Of Affirmations

Learning to do affirmations is still a work in progress but thanks to The Miracle Morning I really have been able to clarify them. Now being a chronic pain warrior I know I need to do affirmations.  This was my first attempt.  I didn't really get HOW to do affirmations.

One of my favorite bullet journal bloggers suggested The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and in it he explains how to create your own affirmations and how to make them work on a daily basis.

Even if you don't have the mental capacity (I'm looking at you brain fog) to focus on making your own. Hal Elrod has some great ones on his website that you can start with.  I love his Health and Energy one and have been using that affirmation all of January.

I really do recommend his book The Miracle Morning.  I will do a separate post on how it helped me to deal with my chronic pain later in January.