Gardening for Plant Killers and Chronic Pain

They say that gardening can be a great stress reliever.

I find it just plain stressful. I kill plants like crazy. I either water them too much, forget to water them, and since I got arachnoiditis, bending over to water is just not a thing I can do. I'm working on this problem by getting plant stands for my next go.

However, it went from cold to blazing hot overnight in Texas so my third attempt at a garden and herbs is going to have to wait.

Until then, I indulged my creativity with a felt succulent garden and it was very relaxing. Plus, no watering required.

Gardening for Plant Killers and Chronic Pain

In the unboxing, you get four felt rollup strips. One of which is two layered together. Three geometric vases, decorative stickers (which I chose not to use), Four specialized rubber bands and two pieces of chalk, green and purple.

I loved the process of rolling each succulent up. Coloring the leaves was dirty fun!

Former Art Teacher Pro Tip:
The chalk can be hard, scrape the sides on the plastic holder to get the outer layer off.

I also recommend doing the inside petals darker than the outside. Feel free to experiment and if you don't like it, it's felt and chalk...gently wash the chalk off and let it dry.

I kept them in their geometric cardboard vases for now but I will eventually put them in the ceramic pottery I made in graduate school.

If you want to try your own...