What are you using your living spaces for?

I treated myself a few weeks ago to a beautiful BHG Organizational Magazine. It was a nice under $10.00 Treat Yo Self moment.

The gorgeous cover caught my attention mainly because if I could sell everything in my house tomorrow and start fresh, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I don't know if it's that everything reminds me of better times or I'm a new person since my disease so I feel weird and out of touch in my surroundings. Maybe both.

As I browsed through the magazine at first glance an article about addressing the true needs of a room caught my eye. It really got me thinking that although I have a small home office set up in the guest room and an art nook, I always end up grabbing my finances or supplies and hauling them downstairs to work on in front of the TV.

What are you using your living spaces for?

Bullet Journaling? In front of the downstairs TV.

Crocheting? In front of the downstairs TV.

Calligraphy? In front of the downstairs TV.

XBox? You can guess what I'm about to say.

Seriously. Art through XBox occurs in our downstairs living room. $10 says you can guess where I'm blogging right now. So why don't I have a desk in there?

Ooh! Let me look at 'desk in the living room' layouts on Pinterest.

6 hours later...

I have confirmed that a desk in the living room would rock and that yes, I should totally sell everything in the house and start over. Sigh. Back to square one!!!

I took the plunge and sold our loveseat and couch on Nextdoor. I used the funds to buy a desk and thanks to my awesome parents - they bought me a sectional that is comfortable enough to stretch out on for my arachnoiditis leg. I will be doing several covers for my mom and a few book layouts pro-bono to repay her.

I challenge you this week to really examine what you do in your rooms at home and set up that room according to how you actually use it.

Here is what I came up with...