Packing List for Chronic Pain and Illness

As I've mentioned here, here, and here...2018 for me is all about simplicity.

I'm working on simplifying my morning schedule, my daily routines, my clothes, and even what I'm eating day to day.

I just got home from my first one-on-one getaway with #leohusband since the herniation of my back → Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Our last vacation just the two of us was July of 2015. We were due some reconnection time since the last two years have been hell.

We started small in the hopes that I would be fine.  Tough sell since my back has been off and on shifting out of place -- note to self I need to get started on the Elhers Danlos testing paperwork...

The trip was great.  We stopped several times on the way up to give me a chance to walk around and move.  Blue Bell Creameries was our first stop and on my bucket list.  I got to sample their newest flavor Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie. OMG. Yes.

So thankful I waited to have sugar this month for that ice cream.  Delicious.

We stopped for BBQ outside of Austin -- more yummy deliciousness and on my paleo diet.

Arriving in Fredericksburg by late afternoon saw us enjoying wine and a gluten free margarita pizza.  The bluebonnets were gorgeous -- especially on Toll Road 130 around Austin -- blankets of blue everywhere you looked!

I think I enjoyed my trip the most because it barely took any time to pack.  Packing is a lot of standing up for me and standing up is not fun. In fact, standing up is the best way to kick off my nerve pain that likes to run down my right hip and leg to my ankle.

I've got it down to a science though now.  I made a packing list that is specific for chronic pain but could easily be adapted to your illness. Heck, even if you aren't ill, it's a good list.

To make it even easier I have all of my travel supplies stored in the handy-dandy stool I picked up from Target.  So fashionable too...

To organize my travel supplies I take all my "travel cases" and store specific things in them.  I've got travel haircare in one, lotions and skincare in another, headphones and earplugs, makeup, etc.

Then it's just a matter of grabbing what I want and putting it in one of two of my travel toiletries bags.  One is a flat pack bag for long trips and the other is more of an upright train case type of bag.

My capsule wardrobe makes it even easier to pack because I have limited choices and things that mix and match so I don't have to think so hard when picking out an outfit.  The variety from casual to dressy makes my capsule wardrobe perfect for any social event when traveling.

All in all, we had fun, tried some good wine and bad, ate mostly a paleo diet, and had some mesmerizing conversations with each other and the lovely people we met. It was great not to stress over my clothes and whether or not I left something at home.