2019 Word of the Year

Well, it’s a bright sunny morning here on the other side of New Year’s Eve, now 2019!

Today I’m starting many things:

A January Whole30

Writing a Book on Recovery/Health from a Humorous Standpoint

Starting a Podcast with one of my Health Guru P.I.C.'s

Learning to Love my Life No Matter What

Doing Art Again

Being on a Schedule, Being...Consistent

My word of the year...Consistency

Inspired by one of my awesome sister in laws. She holds consistent to her health goals no matter where she is or what day it is. I saw her workout our entire beach vacation and stay on her diet no matter what.

You should totally check out her instagram and podcast. @roomforbothpodcast @mm_mayo

I realized during that vacation that I need to be like that. I need to stay on my diet on vacation, on celebrations, etc. I need to do yoga every damn day...even if I'm depressed #leohusband is halfway around the world and my shoulder, or back, or knee (insert nerve pain affecting a particular part of my body here) is killing me.

Part of consistency is honoring where I am that day. If I'm tired or exhausted, then I'm doing restorative yoga that day. If my shoulder is hurting then maybe I'm going to avoid down dog or plank. Either way...consistent.

The first page set up in my 2019 bujo is down! I’m also keeping a consistency vision board upstairs in my studio and I have Post Its freaking everywhere with the word on them. This also lets me practice my new obsession - hand lettering.
I'm seriously obsessed Y'all but we will talk about that later!

I don’t want to F this up so I’m enlisting #leohusband to remind me if I make poor choices (which means I’m totally going to get cranky with him when he reminds me to be consistent). LOL!


I’ve got so many appointments already on the schedule for January that need a home...plus I’m super excited to try out my new hand lettering skillz.

Tomorrow, I'm getting a plastic surgeon to look at the sutures that are breaking through my skin on my forehead. I think I'm going to take a long break from anything medically invasive in 2019. I'll just add that to my list...

However, it gives me a chance to put into practice my new schedule. I'm kicking back off with a round of The Miracle Morning so I should, in all honesty, be ready to go at 9:30 to get to my appointment.

If you don't know what the miracle morning is, check out this post here.