What are the Best Organic Eggs to Buy?

I'm on day 9 of my January Whole30 and like most people on the Whole30, I'm super into eggs.

Eggs can be expensive y'all, but it's worth it when you are getting the best quality eggs right?

They have so many benefits that they are worth paying up for, packed full of vitamins, protein, and amino acids. The ease in which they translate from meal to meal is also perfect.
Hold onto your chair because I'm about to rock your world.

When you walk in the grocery store and you go to buy your eggs and the package says "Cage Free" and "Organic" you most likely are getting the same equalivent as the cheap, regular, non-special eggs!


What are the Best Organic Eggs to Buy?

There's a company called Cornucopia Institute that gives a scorecard to all organic grocery store items to help consumers make the best choices.

I usually buy three different kinds of eggs depending on where I have to go during the week and what part of town I'm running those errands in.

HEB, a local Texas grocery store - where I usually buy their in house brand of organic cage free eggs
Kroger or WalMart - where I buy Egglands Best Eggs
Costco - where I usually buy their in house brand of organic cage free eggs

I like most people thought that organic was organic, and cage free meant cage free.

Cage free means they have a bigger cage y'all. Organic means they are fed organic corn. All the above eggs scored a 1 on the egg score card.

So damn misleading.
Anyway, Cornucopia Institute's scorecard for the best eggs, for the Texas Region, at a 5 egg rating is World's Best Eggs. Unfortunately, the closest store that sells that for me is a drive....I'm not willing to make, let's just put it that way. Houston traffic sucks so much that I'd rather not even bother with it.

So at a 4 egg rating, lower on the tier, is the nationwide retailer Vital Farms. They are actually stocked in my WalMart along with salted and unsalted butter. Boom!

They actually are free range, meaning they walk and scratch and eat worms. So if you are wondering which eggs to get, make sure the package says free range chickens. I actually like that Vital Farms calls it Alfresco Chickens. Makes me smile.

If I'm going to drop the money, I expect to get what I'm paying for, right?

For the best eggs in your state or region check out Cornucopia's Egg Scorecard