3 Reasons to Try Third Love

A couple of months ago I posted my unbiased review of the Stickee Bra. I bought and paid for it with my own money and tried several versions to zero effect. Definitely check it out.

Now, I've got to say that in my research for better health, part of that is breast health. The girls are important ladies.

As I've said before, my soon to be podcast buddy Rebekah tried Third Love and posted her review on her Facebook group. She and I are kindred spirits, so of course, I had to give Third Love a try. Yes, I'm totally going to tout Third Love as the best bra company, and everything I've bought from them has been out of my own pocket.

They have paid me nothing to write this.

I was having shoulder problems, my boobs were weirdly hurting, and nothing in the stores fit. Nothing.

3 Reasons to Try Third Love
1. You're Probably Not Wearing the Correct Size

Did you know that when you get a new bra you should wear it on the farthest hook out? You should tighten your bra over time as the elastic changes and wears out. The closest hook is for when your bra is almost worn out.

Yep, I didn't know that.

My 34 bras were on the closest hook and still riding up my back.

After taking the fit finder quiz, they determined I was a 32 D. I tried one on, shipped to my house, and I had spillage. Returns were so easy. Log in to your account, work with the fit finder program to get a new size. They email a pre-paid label to you. I dropped the box off at my local "print and ship" place because Post Office lines are so not my thing. My new sized bra shipped within the week and I went to a 32 E. It was perfect in that style.

Since then, different styles do require different sizes. Some I'm a 32 E, others I'm a 32 F.

2. They have Amazing Customer Service.

Let's talk about me effing up my shoulder for a quick second. I messed it up in yoga. I couldn't wear any bra that touched the area between my shoulder and shoulder blade. It was super painful. I got some strapless bras and some racerback bras from Third Love.

I had a serious problem with the racerback bras. They were just not for my girls. Every woman is a different shape and these were not for my shape. I tried on a 32 E and then got put in a 32 F in one style and a 34 D in another. They still weren't quite right. While they were no longer digging into my armpits...every time I bent over the girls would just fall out.

Super awkward in public. The dance I would use to shimmy back into my bra without someone guessing what was going on had to be priceless.


Months went by y'all. Months.

I stopped wearing them. I hated opening my lingerie drawer and seeing the expensive bras going to waste. Guilt. Anguish. Anger. You name any negative emotion and I felt it about these bras.

Well, 2019 came and I've seriously decided to change negativity, even on a small scale like bras that just are not a good fit.

I called customer service fully expecting for them to tell me it's too late to exchange them. Except that it wasn't!

I couldn't believe it after all these months went by and me wearing them but they exchanged them for completely different bras. Two brand new ones.

Who does that?

No one. No company I've ever dealt with.

I was so happy and excited to no longer feel guilty over my purchases and to get bras I could actually wear. It was money well spent.
3. Their CEO is amazeballs.

I don't know if you heard the buzz, but after Victoria's Secret show, CEO Ed Razek slammed plus size women in a Vogue interview. He was quoted in saying "[The] televised fashion show is "a fantasy" and "no one" has "an interest" in watching plus-size models.

Let's be honest, the Victoia's Secret fashion show isn't about women. It's about the millions of men who feel the need to add to their spank bank.

Third Love's Heidi Zak took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to respond to Ed Razek.

Here is her letter.