Yoga for When you are Sick

So it's official. I've got strep and a sinus infection at the same time. Awesome. Actually, I've probably had the sinus infection since early December after I got the flu, but I've been fighting it all these weeks homeopathy style. I also committed to doing yoga no matter what and I've done a damn good job at that part.

What about when you are sick as hell?

There's an app for that. Kidding!

No, but there's a YouTube class for that.

Seriously, my new favorite thing is typing into YouTube what I need and it comes up with it in seconds.

Yoga for When you are Sick!

I've got two different videos for you.

The one I'm going to share this week I feel works best when you have that little inkling that you are coming down with something. It does have some power moves that might be challenging if you are feeling like death warmed up. Again, I recommend this at the beginning of an illness, for the slight cold or allergy attack, or when you are finally rounding the corner and need some moderate exercise.

From one of my favorite Yoga YouTubers Brett Larkin. Subscribe to her channel and definitely follow her for updates.

I tried to do this in the middle of my strep infection and failed miserably but not to worry I've got something for the "I'm going to die I'm so sick" days, next week.