Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix

I've often listed as cleaning out one of my finest selfcare moments. If I'm upset or stressed, I tend to clean. I know I've mentioned this before but when #breadwinnerbff and I were roomie's in undergrad...we would know if each other had a bad day based solely on how spotless the apartment was when getting home.

I distinctly remember her walking in once to me violently cleaning the floor and saying in a mildly amused tone, "So, how was your day?" We still laugh about it.

So my house is relatively clean and tidy. Monday was my tidying day, and I'm not ready to KonMari the attic or garage yet so I did the next best selfcare thing I could think of.

I put Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

I've talked about the KonMarie Method extensively because it's awesome and it works. I love it, you should love it. Read her book. Check out her YouTube videos. Watch the Netflix show.


I can tell my hormone cycle is making a shift because I'm so dang tired. I literally Googled "Yoga for When You Don't Want to Do Yoga" this morning. Ugh.

I need some selfcare y'all.

I've been waiting to watch the show since I saw it drop on Netflix over the holidays. 5 minutes into episode one I'm totally hooked and want to binge watch so bad but I'm going to restrain myself. Ok, so I may have watched 30 mins into episode two, but I really need to get to work around the house, but my almost 90 minutes of selfcare was worth it.

I will say overall the show is informative, heartwarming, and peaceful. Marie's calm nature washes over you and you do feel refreshed and rested after an episode is over.