8 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As I mentioned last week, I used to hate Valentine's Day. However, after meeting #leohusband I have come around to love it just as much as the next sap. He used to be all things in charge of Valentine's because he loves to surprise me but since I've started working from home that has made surprises difficult. A couple of years ago I suggested that we switch back and forth each year as to who plans Valentine's. Type A personality, yours truly, of course I've already planned out our Valentine's....

You totally forgot to plan something for Valentine's didn't you?


Oh Snap!

I know some of you out there may be scrambling for ideas last minute to celebrate so without further ado, I'm going to dive in.

8 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day

1. Forgot to Make Reservations???

Offer to Cook Dinner for your Spouse that night. Whichever partner does the cooking...let them take the night off if you didn't make dinner plans. Look up a recipe on Food Network or Pinterest, leave work early, stop at the grocery store and pick up the ingredients, and head home. I'm not assuming this one is just for the men to do the cooking because we have a couple bff where he is the main cook.

Most places have an oven so try my super simple Paleo and Whole30 Pork Chop Sheet Pan Dinner or my Sheet Pan Smoked Paprika Chicken

2. Picnic in Your Living Room

Pick up some to-go food from your favorite place, grab a blanket and a bottle of wine. Lay the blanket out in the living room and have an indoor picnic. No fireplace? Pick up a variety of candle sizes or a bunch of tea lights and float them in mason jars around the two of you. All of which you can get at WalMart or the dollar store. Just don't burn the place down! Safety first!

It's cute, intimate, and thoughtful.

3. Enough with the Chocolate, Ugh!

I'll clue you in on a teensy little fact, if I want chocolate, I'm a grown ass woman, I can get chocolate whenever I damn well please.

Our first Valentine's my husband got me a variety of cake pops which was awesome because it's something I'd never just go out and get for myself. So if you are going to go with yummy treats as your last minute gift, get something original. Stop at a bakery, not the grocery store, which will make it seem as you put more thought into what you are getting. Hell, even Starbucks has cake pops.
4. A Rose By Any Other Name

Did you know that flower's have meaning? Check out Wiki's Plant Symbolism chart and find something original and unique to describe your relationship and then head to a florist, an actual florist (or call around first to see if they have what you want) and pick it up on your way home.
If it's a new relationship then go with Daffodils since it means new begginings and tell them that. It will seem much more meaningful than the grocery store stock red roses, even if it's last minute. They'll never know.
Hot and spicy? Red Tulips for Passion
Your 40th Valentines together? Lavender for Devotion

You get the idea...see it's not hard to put a little thought into it!
5. Forgot to Book the Baby Sitter?

I'll be honest this one is for the ladies, usually because they end up being the caregiver, but I have ideas for Mr. Mom so hold on tight.

For the mom's: Get the kids involved in pampering Mom by just leaving her alone for an hour. After dinner, go draw her a bubble bath or bath bomb, whatever they are into. Light some candles and steer her into the bathroom. Let her know she gets a completely undisturbed hour or more, again whatever, to relax.

You take the kids and for Pete's sake don't let them near her.

For the Mr. Mom's: What do they love to do interrupted, other than that, because sexy time is probably happening anyway after your kids go to bed. Xbox? Reading? An hour of uninterrupted social media binging? Give it 5 minutes of thought and it will come to you.


6. Conquer That To Do

Is there something your significant other has been asking you to do for days, weeks, months or even years? Do it.

It may not seem like a gift but just getting something off their plate that they have been asking for, for eons, will show that you A. Care B. Listen and C. Give them peace of mind that they do not have to bother you about it anymore.

If #leohusband is reading this we have a ceiling fan and bidet attachment that have been sitting in our bedroom for over a year that needs installing. Hint Hint.


7. Adopt

Been thinking about getting a furry friend for a while?

Make this Valentine's Special by bringing home a new buddy. Check the hours for local dog adoption shelters or events and go get a wonderful new addition to your family. It will be a Valentine's to remember for years. I remember as a child getting our family poodle on Valentine's when I was 6. That's a memory that will last and also benefit someone else, with fur.


8. Delay Celebrations

You can always postpone Valentine's to the weekend to give you more time, but make sure you get a card and plan something good!