Hate Valentine's Day? 7 Valentine's Self Care Ideas

I used to hate Valentine's Day with a passion.

I mean hate.

With the fire of 1,000 suns.


I actually used to call it "Singles Awareness Day." Seriously.

Anyway, I was single all throughout high school and most of college, which according to family and friends it was simply due to the fact that most guys were completely intimidated by me.

Ugh, grow a pair.


So while friends were walking through the hallways with ballons and flowers and candy and cards I felt very left out that I had nothing. My senior year of high school some awesome friends, who I can't remember 20 years later, got me 2 ballons and flowers. It was very sweet, but I wanted love y'all.

I actually didn't have my first Valentines date until I was 20 years old and by then I was so effing desperate I picked not the best guy to spend it with and then persued a long, on again, off again relationship throughout undergraduate with him. I spent my second Valentine's Day with him, but not the one after that. They were good celebrations of Valentine's day for that time of my life.

In the subsequent years since undergraduate, I had a total of two other Valentines Day dates, one at 25, with the ATM boyfriend and the other at 28 with a different boyfriend, which was so disterous I broke up with him. That's it folks.



Did I mention I really hated Valentines?

Until I met my husband.

My best Valentine's day dates of all time have all been with my husband. Out first Valentine's was when I was 31. 31 y'all! I'll talk about our Valentine's traditions next week. I want to let the suspense kill you.

So, I wanted to kick this month off with some selfcare, Galentine's, and Significant Other/Family Time ideas that you can try and maybe let this month suck a little less if you hate February and all things Valentines.

Maybe you'll come to love this month or maybe you'll just find a little funniness here to make you laugh.

Hate Valentine's Day? 7 Valentine's Self Care Ideas

1. Treat Yo Self

Is there something you've desperatly been wanting? You've pined over it for months but you just haven't pulled the trigger.

Do it!

Doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be small, doesn't have to be an object at all.

Maybe you've been thinking about a subscription to Hulu or Netflix? Do it!

Wanting to try that Paleo Pizza Crust mix. Do it!

That purse at Macy's been catching your eye. Do it!

Whatever you have that you've been wanting to buy, or whatever, pick one thing and treat yo self!



I've had my eye on this Paleo Chocolate Cupcake Mix that I've been debating about to try forever so I got a box from Thrive!

2.Mental Health Day (or Hour)

Asking your significant other for 1 hour of silent bath time where you lock the door and put on his gaming headphones to block out the noise. Do it!


Sleeping in and taking a "sick" day. Do it!

Binge watching Game of Thrones before the last season comes out! Do it.

3. Learn Something New

Maybe you've wanted to try a cake decorating class. Do it!

Skydiving? Do it.

Always wanted to know how to knit? Do it!

4. Decorate for Anti-Valentines

Really hate Valentine's? Go all out and decorate with skulls and splashes of red and black everywhere. Heck, put a fake graveyard in the front yard and put Romeo on one gravestone and Juliet on the other...complete with hands coming out of the ground!

Seriously! Lean into your hatred and go toward the dark side.

Check out Mom's and Munchkin's Anti-Valentine's Day Party for ideas.

5. Punch Something


All the above ideas just not doing it for you. Go punch something. Sign up for a Kickboxing, MMA, or American Ninja Warrior class near you. Not only will it get your aggression out, you will also get some exercise in and that's the best selfcare of all.

6) The Grinch Cure


Remember when the Grinch's heart increased in size three times? He sacrificed to help others thereby making room in his heart for love. Valentine’s Day is all about spending the day with a loved one, but what about those who may not have a loved one to spend the day with? Find a place to volunteer, such as a retirement home or homeless shelter, and make someone else’s day.

7) Show Some Love for Your Friends


Galentine's Day is rapidly becoming popular for a good reason too. Valentine’s is not just a day for couples, but a day for love, so spend the day with a group of people you love, like your besties?

I wish I had been in tune with myself when I was younger to actually get out and do some of the things on this list instead of having my head stuck up where the sun don't shine but then again I was a teenager...college kid...etc.

Times really have changed and with the greatness of the internet and more people wanting to improve their life, there is hope for Valentine's yet. Try some of these out and let me know if they worked, especially if you did that graveyard!