Yoga for Shoulder Pain Part 1

I hurt my left shoulder in yoga April 2018 and it's been a rocky road since. However, I've dedicated February 2019 to kicking it's ass and getting on with my life.

I've committed to yoga everyday but part of that commitment is listening to my body. While I can't control what a yoga teacher decides to do in class, I can control my YouTube channel and it's free!

I'm also doing another round of PT for my shoulder. That has made keeping up with daily yoga a very big challenge.

On days that I have Physical Therapy, I'm doing yoga flows that do not use my shoulder to give it a rest. I need to rest it so I don't undo the progress I have made.

Ugh! I thought my knee problems were bad.

Here is one of my favorite non-shoulder yoga flows from one of my favorite YouTubers Yoga with Kassandra. Subscribe to her channel!