February 2019 Bullet Journal Spread

Where did January go?


Well, February is here and so is my bullet journal set up for the month. Last year, I opted for a sleek minimalism scheme that really didn't speak to my artist's soul.

I'm working on a balance between super detailed and artistic and simplicity in 2019.

Thing's I've changed up are a full calendar for the month at a glance spread.
I've also opted for a horizontal weekly view.

The trackers in January just didn't work for me. The pages were too busy, which made it hard to figure out what was going on.

I went for a colorful visual emotion and energy tracker that I'm looking forward to blending colors for, especially since I fluctuate during the day. Hoping to get a better bead on my adrenal fatigue and the emotions associated with it.

I'm seperating my AM and PM tasks into different columns so I can really tell how I get through the day and the consistency with the night time tasks.

I've also added back in my pain + sleep tracker to the same area.

I also had a nice doolding session one evening while exhausted, it totally made me feel better.