Does Heat Make Pain Worse?

It's August and so far I've had horrible pain flares once a week for 6 weeks now. I actually have been doing pretty great on my healthy eating protocol and keeping up with my yoga and physical therapy. I'm taking all my supplements, aside from Fluffy Alarm Clock almost died two weeks ago, I've been doing all the things I need to do to not be in pain.

So what gives?

This is why I keep a bullet journal and why it's so damn important if you have a chronic condition to keep one.

Does Heat Make Pain Worse?


I looked at my bullet journal from July and August 2017 and guess what? Huge Pain Flares.

One would infere or assume (hope I don't make an ass out of you and me) from my data collected in my bullet journals that as the summer heat increases, so does my pain, exponentually.

Here is this August so far.

Towards the end of July as the heat increased in Texas so did my pain.
Apparently, July - August will probably be my worst months every year. I can't wait for next year's (that sounds weird since we're talking about my pain levels) bullet journal as I will have even more data to have on hand.

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