Paleo Sachlav

So it's Wednesday night and I wanted something warm and as satisfying as coffee.

I literally Googled "hot drinks as satisfying as coffee."

I found this awesome article about Sachlav: The Hot Chocolate of the Middle East

I really suggest reading the original article by Devra Ferst simply because I found it fascinating.

Basically, a Sachlav is a hot, thick milk drink getting its name for orchid tubers called sahlab in Arabic. The orchid tubers is a thickening agent. Every country prepares it differently, some add orange blossoms or even rose water, which I suggest the later. A. It smelled amazing and B. The rose water was so soothing especially right before bed. Some places add toppers, some don't.

Apparently, the traditional method of using the orchid tubers is not really used anymore because of the scarcity and the expense and they have been replaced with other thickening agents.

The recipe listed in the article wasn't anywhere near Paleo compliant so I got creative with the listed ingredients and went to town.
Paleo Sachlav

3 C Unsweetened Coconut Milk (I used So Delicious because it is what I had on hand, but honestly, if you really want to indulge yourself, use a full-fat unsweetened coconut milk.)
2 T Raw Unfiltered Honey
2 t Organic Paleo Compliant Vanilla Extract
2 T Arrowroot Powder
½ t Organic Rose Water (This is easily found on Amazon if you don't have it on hand. I spray my face daily with rose water so this was simple for me - I'll research the orange blossom one though for future use)
1/8 t of Pink Himalayan Salt

I topped mine with cinnamon and pistachios. I also suggest:

Fresh Grated Ginger
Cacao Powder
Orange Zest
Dried Chopped Figs
Chopped Dates
Dried Chopped Cherries
Chopped Pecans or Walnuts

or if this is a party for winter or welcoming fall (I can't freaking wait) you could have little bowls out where guests could choose their own garnishes.
Make it!!

1. Simmer coconut milk, honey, vanilla, arrowroot, rose water, and Himalayan salt in a small saucepan over low heat, whisking constantly until hot and thickened, 3 minutes.

2. Serve in mugs and garnish!

Serves 2

It was pretty delicious even with the boxed, watery coconut milk. Since it's summer I thought this was fine but I could totally see using full fat in the winter when you need that extra boost. Hopefully by then I will have located some orange blossoms!