Vitamin C The Superhero Supplement

I've always been a lover of Vitamin C. A long time ago in a lifetime far away I was an art teacher. Somewhere in the middle of my teaching career, I was doing my open house duties, meeting all the parents of my high schoolers, and I was sick.

I always got sick around the second week of school and I think I hosted open house with a terrible sore throat and congested more often than not.

One mom came up to me after my introduction and what your kid is going to learn in art this year, to tell me that she was an ER nurse and that if I feel a cold coming know, the first tickle in your throat, to take a Vitamin C every hour and drink a gallon of water that day.

I've since added on a zinc lozenge to this routine, and let me tell you it works. It kicks the common cold in the ass and prevents my tendency to get a sinus infection, that gets treated but then turns into bronchitis.

However, I will say that if it is bacteria - like strep - this will not keep you from getting sick because bacterial infections need antibiotics, but viruses, on the other hand, it works like a champ.

And that is what we usually get right? Viruses?

However, what if Vitamin C did so much more?

Vitamin C The Superhero Supplement

If you have chronic pain, illness, or adrenal fatigue, Vitamin C is your powerhouse. It is the foundation you should be building your new health routine on.

Most people think that the best way to get their Vitamin C is through oranges or orange juice.

This is actually the least effective way to get Vitamin C. By the time ripened oranges get to your grocery store most of the bioflavonoids that give you the vitamins are depleted, and the part we eat - the delicious fruit part, has the least nutrients.

The best part to eat for actual nutrients is the rind and who the hell wants to eat that?

Most juicing processes do not use the rind either and if it does use it, then you are probably exposing your body to a host of chemicals that have been sprayed on the orange in the growing process.

So stop saying you are getting your Vitamin C from oranges and orange juice because you actually aren't.

You can get relatively good amounts of Vitamin C from dark leafy greens like Kale or sprouts, but if you have a chronic illness, pain, disease, or a highly stressful and erratic lifestyle, you need to take a supplement.

I'm taking about 3,000 U of Vitamin C a day. This is a good amount for me especially since I do suffer from several illnesses, take multiple medications, and I have adrenal fatigue. The max amount for an adult over 19 years of age is 2,000 units a day.

When you do take more than 2,000 units it should only be for a short time period. For instance, recovering from surgery, a night of zero sleep, heading off a cold, and other stressful situations like moving or grief.

When you get ready to back down to your normal dose decrease by 500 units a day. You can have an adverse reaction if you go back to your normal dose overnight.

Also, check to see where your supplement is getting its ascorbic acid. Some companies use ascorbic acid from corn products, which can be counterintuitive if you are avoiding corn.