Stickee Bra Unbiased Review

I’m always on the lookout for products that are going to make my life easier. Especially now since I’ve had such a problem with my left shoulder. The shoulder impingement, bursitis, and rotator cuff tendinitis has really made wearing a bra hard.

So I cruised around the web looking for ideas to get away with wearing a bra comfortably. Now I know what some of you were thinking, just go without one!?!

I know there’s a lot of information out there about wearing a bra destroys your breast tissue and then your boobs can’t hold up anymore so don’t wear a bra. I think that if you look at other cultures that don’t wear bras. And you see pictures of these cultures....that is completely untrue. I think you know what I mean here.

You get older and you have less human growth hormone, less estrogen and progesterone, and less collagen production. There I said it, boom.

You want to know why breasts sag as you get older. It's caused menopause.

So back to my bra buying experience, all over the web on Facebook, Instagram, etc. you see these ads for the Stickee Bra. There are also several knock-offs on Amazon that you can get as well.
So I first tried the knockoff pictured above from Amazon, it wasn’t the official Stickee Bra brand but used the same bio gel, had the same shape, and had the same reviews and claims on the website.

This year I actually took the initiative to figure out what my actual bra size was, based on one of my good friend's reviews of Third Love. She tested them out and worked with them to find her size so I thought, hey, I should do the same because I definitely know I’ve not been wearing the right bra for probably most of my life.

I’ve always worn a 34C, but after doing their quiz and taking my measurements it turns out that I’m actually a 32E.

That’s a huge difference and after wearing the correct bra size for about four months now, I definitely notice it. However, that’s not helping my shoulder problems.

Stickee Bra Unbiased Review

Back to the StickeeBra, so I purchased a knockoff from Amazon and based on their size chart I got the D size.

So it didn’t fit, and it definitely didn’t work. It peeled right off my skin it wouldn’t stay in place even with the directions of washing your body and patting it dry, it just would not stay adhered to my skin. Luckily, I could return it to Amazon. So I DID WASH IT and then returned it.

I thought maybe I needed to try the real thing, that there might have been some proprietary element in the bio-gel that made a difference in fit.

So to the official Stickee Bra the size chart for a 32E I needed a DD, which was different than the knock-off chart so I went with that.

It came in - paid for shipping in addition to the price of the bra - so my total was $45.00.

It peeled off my skin just like the fake one.


Back to the website only to find they don’t have a return policy. I could have kicked myself because I almost always check to make sure and the one damn time I didn't...I messaged them on Facebook Messenger and told them of my 'sticky' problem.

Pun intended.

I will state that they did work with me to send me an exchange for free. After trying a DD and a D, I went with a C thinking this has to work/fit.

I also looked up ‘Stickee Bra Hacks’ and saw two suggestions.

1. Wash your skin and then use rubbing alcohol to fully remove any oil that may conflict with the adhesive.

2. Heat the bio gel up with a hairdryer.

I tried both with the new C bra and at first, I was super excited, IT STAYED!

I put my shirt on went into the kitchen to make breakfast and boom, it peeled off within 10 minutes of wearing it.


So with all these *cough* great reviews about the Stickee Bra why the (insert adult word here) is it not working.

I know there are different breast shapes...Third Love has nice descriptions like athletic, relaxed, bell, east-west, and round just to name a few.

I think the success of Stickee Bra has to depend on your breast shape. I’m also wondering if age plays into this as well as skin type. I’m fair and have dry skin.

Anyway, I would say that if you want to give it a go, get one you can return from Amazon. I’m still pissed about my $45.00. It would have been more interesting to go somewhere and just make it rain.