Easy Charcoal Grilling Guide

BBQ grills are leaving the stores and so is the patio furniture and bug spray.

While is starting to cool off in parts of the US, it is hotter than Hades in Texas.

It's blazing hot, so we don't spend much time outside let alone grilling over a hot flame. Here we love to grill in the fall and spring. Heck, we've even grilled out in February.

For Valentines, #leohusband went to our local H-E-B butcher and asked him for the best steak they had. He came back with a 42oz tomahawk steak.

Once home #leohusband swallowed his manly pride and ask me to help him grill it.

Check out my Paleo and Whole30 Steak Marinade post for my seasoning.
If I'm doing super strict Whole30 I will finish it with lemon juice but it was a treat day so we used Wostershire sauce. Since the steak was so thick, 2 and a half inches, we came back and did another pass of the dry rub.

Easy Charcoal Grilling Guide

Grilling is easy and I really want more women to embrace it, but as I was talking to a friend, they insisted that their husband grilling is sometimes the only break they get in the kitchen.

I get it.

However, let's say your significant other is out of town for some reason and you just have this hankering for steak.

Well, here you go...